Starting My Digital Life Style

First off I’m amazed you’re even reading this. IF SO you are probably one of the lucky people who will see this site start from a silly side project to something amazing. To get this started let’s talk about my origins!

The Start

For me my passion for business started when I saw my parents achieve the American dream. They came as immigrants and worked menial jobs like being a delivery truck driver or working part time at Dunkin Donuts. When I was 5 my awesome mom and dad saved enough money to start a small bodega in Brooklyn called R&J Food Markets (R&J was named after my brother and I, super cute I know). From there they did well, we moved to the suburbs, and lived the American dream.

My Start

Seeing my parents succeed growing up always filled me with immense pride especially considering they barely¬†spoke¬†any english. This got me excited about business and I started taking business classes in High School. I ended up competing in DECA for food marketing as an hommage to my parents bodega and it worked. I consistently ranked well enough to go to Nationals and that’s when I knew marketing was something I really enjoyed.


Young Richard
My super young days…. probably 2012/2013

Incorporating Digital

Eventually I ended up at Carnegie Mellon as a business major who had no idea what he wanted to do. I thought I would do the traditional finance, consulting, whatnot but I never fit with that crowd. It wasn’t until Sophomore year where I took a class in digital marketing and it hooked me. It was a mix of sociology, psychology, marketing, technology, analytics, *insert other buzz words here*, basically everything that excited me. I got so into it that after two weeks of class I reached out to an upperclassman I knew from AKPsi, Nathaniel Eliason. He was the known digital marketing guy and you can check out some of his work here! From that class I learned about search engine marketing through participating in the Google marketing challenge and that was my first experience in digital marketing.

Going Full Digital

After that experience I tried my hardest to get an internship with something digital. I literally googled Fortune 500 companies and went down the list applying to anything that remotely sounded like it would be digital work. After months of no responses and failed interviews, I finally landed Visa Inc. (yeah the credit card guys not like visa to go to Russia). That experience solidified my interest in the digital space and kept me interested my Junior year. Junior Summer I worked at IBM doing digital marketing for the IBM Cloud team which also taught me a lot about how digital marketing works at a big company like IBM.

IBM Cloud Team
Shoutouts to my awesome IBM Cloud Team

Modern Digital

Finally my journey starts a new chapter post grad at Capital One. I joined the search marketing team at Capital One as a business analyst and it’s been a wild journey. I still remember optimizing the tiny $250 budget through the Google Online Marketing Challenge, and now i’m helping optimize a multi million dollar budget.

As I learn more I’ll dive into my different experiences but for now my digital journey has just really started with this site and this blog post.